Fire Safety Services


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Our Fire Safety Team at Trifecta Solutions, LLC is licensed in both NM and TX service of portable extinguishers and fixed fire suppression systems. Find more information below about are available services. We have included manufacture brochures for further system information.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Services

Services inlcude Monthly Inspections, Annual Maintenance, Recharge, Hydrotesting, and new unit sales of portable fire extinguishers.

All of our work is completed to code and manufacturer recommendations.

Check out these brochures about available new products; Amerex Portable Extinguishers, Amerex Wheeled Extinguishers, Amerex FAA Approved Extinguishers

Vehicle/Equipment Fire Suppression System Services

These systems are installed on vehicles and heavy equipment throughout many industries. Our team is equipped to help your business maintain these systems in operational condition. From regular inspections and maintenance activities, to new system installs. Additionally, Trifecta is able to service systems from a number of manufacturers.

Amerex Vehicle System Brochures; TransitForestryMining- Waste

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Most commercial kitchen operations are required to have fire suppression installed in many jurisdictions. The suppression systems require by code regular inspections and maintenance. Trifecta has a team of qualified safety professionals who are to able to inspect, service, and install these systems. There are many manufacturers of these systems. Trifecta is able to support many of the common systems found in kitchens today.

Amerex KP System Brochure

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial systems vary in type and design depending on the application. From varying types of agents, application methods, and Our team is qualified to provide inspection, service, and installation of fixed suppression systems for industrial applications. From paint booths to chemical storage our experience has you covered.

Amerex IS System Brochure

Fire Safety Training

As required by OSHA regulations our team is ready to support your business through proper training of employees in the use of fire extinguishers. We offer numerous fire safety related training topics including NFPA 10, Monthly Inspection Process for Responsible Facility Personnel, etc.