Experienced Compliance Professionals


DOT Compliance

  • Third Party Administration Services (TPA)
  • Regulated Alcohol & Drug Testing
  • DER, 60/60 Supervisor, and Employee Training 
  • SAP Services (Qualified SAPs on Staff)
  • DQ File Maintenance, Fleet Files
  • Reporting and Records 
  • Consulting, Mock Audits, etc.

NFPA Compliance Services

Check out our Fire Safety Page here...

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Maintenance, and Sales
  • Vehicle/Kitchen/Industrial Fire Suppression System Inspection, Repair, Maintenance
  • Fire Safety Training

Our Staff holds all necessary credentials, licenses, and training to provide these services in both NM and TX. 


  • Reporting
  • Work Place Training
  • Consultant Provider

Contractor Management Systems (ISNETWORLD, etc.)

  • Account Setup
  • Policy/Document/Report Development
  • Profile Management

General Workplace Training Services

We have solutions in place to provide traditional workplace training classes as well, for instance CPR, MFA, H2S, Confined Space, Safeland, etc.